Meet Your Captain

Captain Kevin Keylargo Florida
Captain Kevin – Key Largo Florida

Captain Kevin Mitchell and his wife moved to the fabulous Florida Keys in 1998, and have been residing in Key Largo since 2000.

Captain Kevin holds a 50 Ton USCG approved license.

He started out by working as a mate on various offshore and reef fishing vessels. Drawn by the allure of the Back Country, he bought a flats skiff and pursued the wonders of the Florida Bay.

Captain Kevin now spends most of his “water” time, patch reef fishing for Hog fish, or immersing himself in the crystal clear waters that are our Upper Florida Keys reefs.

For More Information Contact Captain Kevin Mitchell

(305) 304-6337

Call, Text, or Email, we may be off the dock, but we will respond as soon as we get back.

Sunset or Sunrise Cruise

Snorkel & Sunset or Sunrise Cruise  


Combine the best – Snorkel the living reef and then take in a pristine Key Largo sunset, or, if you are an early bird…   Witness an amazing Florida Keys sunrise and then witness the beauty of an awakening reef system.

Just a short ride from shore – picture yourself, swimming among the tropical fishes on the only living coral barrier reef in North America. Enjoy the Florida Key’s warm waters and explore an underwater world just a few feet under the surface.

Then, watch the sky paint itself brilliant colors. As the fiery sun descends into the Atlantic, Captain Kevin will position the boat to give you a maximum view of the spectacular sunset.

Sunset/Sunrise only – 2 hours $350 (up to 6 people).

Please call 305-304-6337 to book your charter now.


Lobstering in Keylargo

Lobster season opens August 6th and closes March 31st, with a special 2-day mini-season the last Wednesday and Thursday of July. Remember that the “mini-season” is just for divers and snorkelers – NO commercial fishermen allowed. Let us show you how to turn a good trip into a GREAT Florida Keys Lobster Extravaganza!

Monroe County boasts the largest lobster population in the state and draws the most lobster divers. More than 70 percent of all crawfish taken in the state come from reefs in Monroe County, despite the fact that lobster hunting is regulated more strictly here than anywhere else.

Obviously, no-take zones, such as those in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (marked by yellow buoys), John Pennekamp State Park, Looe Key Sanctuary and the Biscayne Bay-Card Sound Lobster Sanctuary are off-limits. But almost every other snorkel site is open to lobster hunting.

Of course, we have our secret locations in non-protected areas for finding these tasty creatures and we’re not going to post them here! However, Captain Kevin has years of experience in the Upper Keys so trust him to know where to look. You’ll want to book early because the opening of the season is very busy.

We WILL book up quickly.

Please call 305-304-6337 to book your charter now.















Snorkel Excursions

woman snorkeling with a starfish, showing the O.K. signal underwater

Picture yourself floating at the surface with a myriad of sea life just below you! You can see turtles, angelfish, parrot fish, butterfly fish, tangs, wrasses, groupers, and much more. Don’t forget about the wide variety of corals, such as brain coral, star coral, sea whips, sea fingers, and sea fans. The soft corals actually sway with the sea motions and add a nice touch to the whole experience. You will see the fish as they actually “live” in their eco-system and what an amazing eco-system it is!
We want our customers to see the best that Key Largo has to offer. That is why we stay away from the reefs that the commercial boats take you to.   Don’t opt for the typical cheap cattle boat trips that take you to shallow, abused, small patch reefs with murky water.  We want you to know that there are reefs off Key Largo that rival the best in the world!   We offer trips to reefs “off the beaten path” that are teeming with sea life, beautiful corals, in crystal clear waters.
While we strongly suggest bringing your personal snorkel gear we do have gear available for you to use. THE USE OF FULL FACE MASKS ARE PROHIBITED

Please call 305-304-6337 to book your charter now.