Snorkel Excursions

Just Ducky Charters

woman snorkeling with a starfish, showing the O.K. signal underwater

Picture yourself floating at the surface with a myriad of sea life just below you! You can see turtles, angelfish, parrot fish, butterfly fish, tangs, wrasses, groupers, and much more. Don’t forget about the wide variety of corals, such as brain coral, star coral, sea whips, sea fingers, and sea fans. The soft corals actually sway with the sea motions and add a nice touch to the whole experience. You will see the fish as they actually “live” in their eco-system and what an amazing eco-system it is!

We want our customers to see the best that Key Largo has to offer. That is why we stay away from the reefs that the commercial boats take you to.   Don’t opt for the typical cheap cattle boat trips that take you to shallow, abused, small patch reefs with murky water.  We want you to know that there are reefs off Key Largo that rival the best in the world!   We offer trips to reefs “off the beaten path” that are teeming with sea life, beautiful corals, in crystal clear waters.

While we strongly suggest bringing your personal snorkel gear we do have gear available for you to use. THE USE OF FULL FACE MASKS ARE PROHIBITED

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